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The Bahamas Route


30 DEC 17 - 6 JAN 18 (NYE) | THE BAHAMAS


The Bahamas Route


30 DEC 17 - 6 JAN 18 (NYE) | THE BAHAMAS


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30th December 2017 - 6th January 2018 (NYE)

Located 75 miles north of Nassau and 200 miles east of Florida, the island of Abaco and it's surrounding waters are known to many as the sailing capital of the world. The gentle trade winds and calm protected waters mixed with an abundance of beach bars and water based activities make this a prime region to bring a BucketLust flotilla full of hedonistic adventurers.  


Centrally located on the crescent shaped island, our route starts us out at the yacht base in Marsh Harbour. Marsh Harbour is the ideal location to launch from to explore the surrounding Loyalist Cays. Named for the 18th century settlers who fled the United States to avoid persecution after the American Revolution, these cays are positioned close enough to allow for short passages and line-of-sight navigation. Our route will bring us up and down the coast of Abaco with stops in Great Guana Cay, Green Turtle Cay, Treasure Cay, Little Harbour, and Elbow Cay over a 7 day period.

Marsh Harbour

Day 1 (Check-in)

The third largest city in The Bahamas, Marsh Harbour is the central hub for all things in the region. Most of you will fly into Leonard M. Thompson International Airport (MHH), which is only a short ride into town where the marina is located.

Check-in will begin at noon, giving you plenty of time to stock up on groceries, adult beverages, and cash (***the only place with ATMs on our route***). For those arriving before or staying after our sail dates, there are a variety of hotels, water sports, and sites to visit in the vicinity of Marsh Harbour. See our suggested "More to Explore" page below.

We will host a welcome party tonight at Snappa's Grill and Chill. Boasting some of the best local food in the town, Snappa's is a great venue to grab a bite to eat and meet the other crews before we converge on the dance floor to bring the house down with some dope foot stompin' beatz. It'll be a high energy packed night, and an excellent way to christen the beginning of our week long adventure.

Check in is at noon on December 30th, but we will not set sail until the next morning around 8 am.


Day 2 (New Year's Eve)

Better in The Bahamas, but...It's Gooder in Guana as the locals put it. Day 2 brings us to this 6 mile long piece of paradise known for laid back vibe and reputation as the area's party central. What better place to ring in the new year at, imma right?

Only a short sail from Marsh Harbour, we'll arrive into port in the early afternoon, and head straight over to Nipper's Beach Bar & Grill. Nipper's is a multi-tiered and rainbow color painted beach bar located on the Atlantic side of the island.

Known across the Abacos for their legendary wild hog roasts, Nipper's draws a large crowd everyday during the winter high season. Jump into the ocean, play some beach volleyball, or relax by the pool.

We'll have our DJ out spinning the tune-age until the sun sets and you can't remember how many rum punches you've had.

It's a quick walk back to the marina in the evening to get dolled up for our New Year's Eve celebration at Grabber's Bed Bar.

Expect more lasers, food , and libations at this spectacular venue with a pool. At midnight, it's time to crack out the bubbly and blast Auld Lang Syne, because we are going to ring in the New Year with a bonfire and a fireworks show crowd funded by YOU!

Midnight champagne showers are mandatory, as is watching the first team sunrise of 2018.

Nun Jack (Man Jack) Cay

Day 3

We continue our journey north celebrating the New Year in true BucketLust fashion with a (Drum Roll Please!)....... CIRCLE RAFT!!!

We'll get the tunes blasting, and you'll get the fist pumping. Our goal is to spend our entire day off the grid basking in the sun.

Manjack Cay is an uninhabited island that is one of the top snorkeling spots in the whole of The Bahamas. The waters off the western coast are thriving with rays and sea turtles that you can feed in waist deep water. Make sure you set a few hours aside from the circle raft to check out these little sea critters!

Green Turtle Cay

Day 4 & 5

Day 4 we plan to host a giant beach BBQ off Man Jack Cay during the day.

After you've had your fill grub and fun, we'll head out to Green Turtle Cay before sunset. The evening will be yours to explore and grab dinner from one of the many local restaurants. For tonight's party, we'll be kickin' it at The Green Turtle Club

Day 5 will be yours to explore what the island has to offer. With activities ranging from charter fishing to SCUBA/hand feeding stingrays in the shallows. There a plethora of things to do, but if you'd like to stay off the water, we suggest renting a golf cart or bicycle to tour the area.

Make sure you stop off at Miss Emily's Blue Bee Bar, the home of the award winning Goombay Smash Cocktail. The Goombay Smash is The Bahamas most famous drink which was created in Green Turtle Cay.

This delicious concoction of rum, coconut, and tropical juices has been around since the 60's, and its exact formula has been kept a family secret. Miss Emily passed away in 1997, but her daughter Violet is still whipping up these tasty rage nectars at her simple rustic bar at the southern end of the island.

For those of you who are all explored-out, we'll start cranking the volume at The Tranquil Turtle located at the Bluff House Resort. This beach bar has an amazing vista overlooking the Sea of Abaco and is a prime piece of sandy real estate to host The BucketLust Olympic. We'll pit crews against one another to determine who has the braun of Hercules, the agility of Achilles, and the livers of Winston Churchill.

For the evening, we'll be hosting our legendary BURNING YACHT party on the beach near The Tranquil Turtle.

Treasure Cay

Day 6

Heading back south today, we make our way to the Treasure Cay Resort located on the coast of Abaco, but not before a stop at No Name Cay aka PIGGY BEACH!!!

After the afternoon sailing at sea, you can spend the remainder of the day lounging in the sun at the Treasure Cay beach. This sugar-soft white sand beach extends 4 miles along the coast, and has been voted as one of the top 10 beaches in the world. 

If relaxing in the sun isn't your thing, you'll have the spa, golf course, and boat rentals available to keep you occupied. 

Grab a cold one at one of the 4 on site bars, but save room for the night's action packed event at the Tipsy Seagull Bar.

We'll come in as we always do; fueled by rum, Kalik beer, the love of life, and not a care in the world. The party starts at when our BucketLust DJ spins sweet vibrations so good that it'd be illegal not to get up and dance.


Elbow Cay


It's our final day, and according to BucketLust 101 we need to go even harder.

Today we host the first ever TBL Regatta!!!

Our finish line is also the location of another planned Circle Raft that'll sit next to our final destination for the night, Elbow Cay. We'll tie up at the Sea Spray Marina, and have the remaining day to explore all that the island has to offer.

If you venture north, there are a few museums and shops to get those last minute souveniors to remember the trip by. 

Not for the acrophobic, but you'll have the opportunity to climb the 89 foot red and white striped Elbow Cay lighthouse for some amazing vistas and to snap that one picture that you can actually show your parents that your vacation wasn't just an adult spring break....

There's no admission to climb, just follow the signs, walk up 101 steps, and climb through a trap door to gain access to the top.

For the night, we will have our final party and awards ceremony to finish out the week at the Sea Spray Marina. Can anyone say black party?

We will arrive back into Marsh Harbour the following morning on January 6th no later than 10 am.

 ****Always remember that sailing is by its very nature a weather dependant activity, and we may have to make slight alterations from our planned route to take account of this.****

Bahamas money.png

The Bahamas - Additional Costs

Additional Costs

The Bahamas - Additional Costs

Additional Costs

Additional Costs on The Bahamas Route

There will be some additional costs that go with chartering a yacht other than the base price. We have these cost broken down in our How It Works page. The Bahamas Route will be no different and your crew as a whole should split these additional fees. The Bahamian Dollar (BSD) is fixed at a 1:1 ratio with the United States Dollar (USD).

What is a good estimate to plan off?
(Per person based on a crew of 10 for seven nights)

  • $175 BSD - For marina fees, fuel, electricity, water, and ice
  • $325 BSD - For food and booze for the week (greatly depends how much you drink and eat)
  • $100 BSD - Skipper tip (totally voluntary, and is based on the job they did and service you recieved)

Total = $600 BSD*

*remember, you still need to account for flights, on-shore food and drink, airport transfers, and any extra curricular you choose to partake in, i.e SCUBA diving.


The Bahamas - More to Explore

More to Explore

The Bahamas - More to Explore

More to Explore

There's So Much More To Explore!

As much as we wish we could pack everything The Bahamas has to offer into our 7 days around Abaco, it's not possible given the distances between the islands. We highly suggest taking a few days before or after our week sailing to explore the many activities and natural wonders in this amazing country. Below is a short list of recommendations that are on our BucketLust.

Thunderball Grotto

This amazing little cave sits just north of Staniel Cay in the Exumas, and was the location for scenes out of two 007 movies (Thunderball and Never Say Never Again), one of which the grotto gets its name from. There are a few holes at the top of the cave that allow light to penetrate and reflect off the water inside. For those daring enough, you can even jump inside from the top. Below is a maze of underwater passageways easily accessible at low tide. Be sure to bring some bread with to feed the fish as you make your way around a few of the caverns.

Also, If you didn't get your fill of swimming pigs during our week, Big Major's Cay is a minute boat ride away from Thunderball Grotto and full of the playful piggies.

Click HERE for more information.


Compass Cay Nurse Sharks

Positioned north of Staniel Cay in the Exumas Islands chain, Compass Cay boast the famous marina where you can swim and pet dozens of nurse sharks. They'll swim right up to patrons wading in the water, and sometimes flop on top of the dock for a little attention.

Click HERE for more information.

Plane and Ship Wrecks Galore

Over the years, many ships and planes have met their end in the shallows of The Bahamas. If you are looking for a SCUBA or snorkel adventure involving wrecks, you can find plenty strewn across the reefs around the country.

Click HERE for more information.

Atlantis Paradise Island Resort

If you're feeling like a you need a little vacation from our version of a vacation, the Atlantis resort at Paradise Island (next to Nassau) is exactly what you need.

Atlantis has the world's largest open-air marine habitat; Aquaveture water park; 11 unique pools; world class beaches; an 18-hole golf course; the largest casino in the Caribbean; over 21 restaurants, 19 bars & lounges, and the Aura night club. 

This place has everything you could want to rebuild your constitution, and is a perfect spot for side excursions like horse back riding and water sports around New Providence Island (Nassau).

We also have to mention their water park has one of the coolest waterslides we've ever seen. Not only is the drop intense, but it pushes the rider through an aquarium full of sharks! 

Click HERE for more information.

Sawmill Sink

This sink hole was formed many centuries ago when sea levels were much lower than present day. Divers have found ancient  bones from over 95 different species, with 39 of them no longer found on the island. The hole contains both fresh and salt water from the ocean that is fed by side passage that is over 2,000 feet long (600 meters), the longest known in the worlds! It is located on South Abaco and would require a vehicle to access. 

Click HERE for more information.


The Bahamas - How Do I Get There?

How Do I Get There?

The Bahamas - How Do I Get There?

How Do I Get There?

By Plane

The best way to get into Marsh Habour is via commercial flight connections thru either Nassau (NAS) or a handful of airports on the mainland of The United States. You'll land at Leonard M. Thompson International Airport (MHH), which is located about 3 miles southwest of the city and serviced by the following Airlines as of 2017:

There is also the option to fly into Treasure Cay International Airport which is much smaller and is a 28 mile drive from Marsh Harbour. It is only serviced by Silver Airways out of Fort Lauderdale.

By Boat

You'll have two options to arrive by water with either a commercial ferry or the regular scheduled mail delivery ferry out of Nassau.

  • Bahamas Ferries offers ferry service from Nassau to Marsh Harbour on Mondays and Tuesdays departing at 9:00 PM and arriving at 10:00 AM the next day. Their returns back to Nassau depart on Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 1:00 PM and arrives at 2:00 AM the next day. One-way tickets run around $71 BSD and Roundtrips around $130 BSD (The Bahamian Dollar (BSD) is fixed at a 1:1 ration with the United States Dollar (USD))
  • The Mail Ferries offers the cheapest way to get to Abacos from Nassau via a 12 hour ride. Cost is around $40 BSD, and work on a schedule of a 6:00 PM departure from Nassau on Tuesdays and a return to Nassau from Marsh Harbour at 6:00 PM on Fridays. It's important to call and confirm departure times and availability for your passage with the Dock Master's Office at +1 (242) 393-1064.

Q: What's the latest I can arrive on December 30th and leave on January 6th from the marina in Marsh Harbour?

A: Check in is at noon on December 30th, but the yachts will not actually leave the marina until the following morning around 8 AM. We will have the yachts back to Marsh Harbour no later than 10 AM on January 6th. The Airport is about 15-20 min taxi ride from the marina.